How to Extend Your E-bike Range

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Some people like e-bikes, others, love them! Electric bike for adults are now becoming an increasingly popular mode of transit, especially in urban areas. Adventurers who like to venture off-trail are also opting for long range electric bike as a suitable alternative to normal cycles since they offer them some extra juice and take on their fatigue. But no matter who is using an e-bike or wherever they are using it, they all have one question in their minds: how do I increase the range of my e-bike? That is the topic for this blog; as you will find, we cover all important tips pertaining to extending your e-bike’s range. 

Extending The Range

It all comes down to what you, the rider, can do to extend the range of your e-bike. There are some easy-to-follow and simple tips that you can employ to extend the range of your e-bike, which include:

Use Pedal Assist Wisely

Pedal assist is there for you to make use of whenever necessary, not use it because why not! Using it wisely will conserve the battery, which directly increases the range of your e-bike. So, whenever you are riding on flat or downhill terrains, don’t use pedal assist. Rather, reserve it for climbing difficult uphill terrains or hills. 

Moderate Your Speed

No need to break the sound barrier; ride at a moderate pace and do your battery some favor. Riding at a moderate pace means better battery life. Riding at high speeds will put you up against high wind, which means higher wind resistance and more battery consumption. It’s all for the sake of improving your range, so think practically and travel at a normal pace.

Keep An Eye on Tire Pressure

Make sure to check the tire pressure before heading out. Keeping them inflated means reduced rolling resistance. With the change in temperature, the tire pressure can alter; colder temperatures decrease the tire pressure, whereas higher temperature increases it. So, every time before heading out, make sure to check the tire pressure.

Shift Gears Appropriately

If you use the correct gears, it will decrease the strain on the motor and improve its efficiency. Most people do not pay attention to the use of the correct gear, which results in a decrease in the overall range of their e-bikes. Whenever you are climbing or going through rough terrain that keeps breaking your speed, switch to lower gears. When you come across flat and easy terrain, higher gears are the way to go.

How to make electric bike maintenance easy

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Maintain Your Battery

Your e-bike battery is the heart of the whole operation, so you must take care of it. Avoid frequent partial charges and discharges to maintain the battery's health and ensure it provides maximum range. Store your battery in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can degrade battery performance. Ideally, keep it at room temperature when not in use. Perform a full charge cycle periodically. This means letting the battery run down completely and then charging it fully. This helps in balancing the cells and maintaining the battery’s capacity. Regularly inspect the battery connections and terminals for any signs of corrosion or looseness. Clean and tighten them as necessary to ensure efficient power transfer.

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Plan Your Route

How about planning before you get going? It will save you a lot of time as well as extend the range of your battery. Choose routes with fewer stops and starts. If you ride at a consistent pace, it will be more efficient than frequent stopping and accelerating.

Regular Maintenance

Your e-bike is your asset, so look after it. Make sure to maintain it from top to bottom, regularly clean it, lubricate the chain, check the brakes, and ensure the battery is in good condition. All of these will ensure your bike is in optimum condition and increase its overall range, too.

Charge the Battery Fully

Did you remember to charge the battery fully? Did you leave it at charge for who knows how long? Undercharging and overcharging are enemies of your battery. They will eat up its ability to store charge, hence decreasing its overall range. So keep an eye on the battery when you put it on to charge, and as soon as it is done, take it out. Do not store it in very hot or cold environments. 

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A Bit About Range

Unlike normal cycles, which practically have no range, or rather, have as much range as your legs can pedal, electric bicycles range offer you the luxury of assistance via an electric motor. The distance your bike can travel on a single charge is your e-bike’s range. The real challenge lies in determining the exact range it can travel. This can depend upon a number of factors, such as battery capacity, motor efficiency, rider weight, terrain, and environmental conditions. Typically, an electric bicycles range can vary anywhere from 15 to 75 miles on a single charge. Some high-end models can go even beyond that.

Factors Affecting E-bike Range

The major factors that affect your e-bike’s range include:

Battery Capacity

Your battery’s capacity is measured in watt-hours (Wh), which directly impacts the range of your e-bike. The higher the capacity, the longer the range. Wh/mi means watt-hour per mile, which is a direct measure of how many watt-hours are needed to travel how many miles. E-bike range is often measured in Wh/mi (watt-hours per mile) or Wh/km (watt-hours per kilometer). This conversion helps riders estimate how much energy is required to travel a unit distance. But you will have to factor in the efficiency of the bike and riding conditions. Usually, e-bikes are available in ranges such as 48V, 25Ah, 18 Ah,15Ah, etc. HappyRun offers a wide range of e-bike batteries, which include:

  • 18 Ah
  • 20 Ah
  • 25 Ah

Depending upon your preference and the distance you need to cover on a regular basis, you can opt for the one that suits your needs.

Riding Conditions

Riding conditions matter! The terrain you are riding on, the wind, and even the temperature can significantly impact the range of your e-bike. If you are riding flat terrain in mild weather, you can count your range to last you long. But if you are riding in hilly areas where the temperature is equally treacherous, then your e-bike’s range can decrease equally significantly.

Your Weight and Load

If you lean towards the “healthier side”, let’s just say your e-bike’s range is going to last you longer. But in case you are overweight, this will put extra strain on your battery, which will consequently decrease your overall range. And if you are carrying some luggage along, then you can bet that will also send you back in terms of range. To sum it up, the heavier the combined load, the lower the range, and the lower the combined load, the better or higher the range.

Speed and Pedal Assist Levels

If you crave the thrill of high-speed rides, then be warned, it can greatly reduce the total range of your e-bike. Similarly, if you rely on the motor assistance too often, it will also cut back the range, as your battery will be getting drained too quickly. 

Tire Pressure and Type

A lot of people may find this strange, but yes, your tire pressure, along with the type, affects the overall range of your e-bike. You must keep your tires properly inflated as it reduces rolling resistance and improves the range. The type of tire used also matters; for instance, if you use knobby tires, which are for off-road use, they will offer greater resistance compared to smooth, on-road tires.

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A man with a HappyRun Tank G100 dual battery e-bike 2000W

How Far Can Different E-bikes Go?

This is an important question that a lot of e-bike owners often ask, as each of them owns a different type of e-bike with different power settings.

Let’s start with the 250W electric bike for adults, which are most commonly owned by urban dwellers. They are ideal for riding in the city and offer a decent range of 20 to 40 miles, which is subject to conditions such as traffic, weather, and the distance you need to travel.

Then there are middle-tier e-bikes, which fall into the category of 500-750W. These are often owned by more experienced e-bike users or people who need to travel greater distances which may include different types of terrains. These e-bikes offer a range of 25 to 50 miles. People who like to explore moderately hilly areas often own these kinds of e-bikes as they provide help when climbing uphill.

Finally, we have the powerhouses, with a staggering 1000W capacity. Among our top products, the G100 and G60 Pro stand out as our hot sellers. These e-bikes, both 1000W, have powerful motors and offer a range of 30-70 miles. They are the preferred choice for experienced off-road e-bikers who traverse difficult terrains. Designed for adventurers, they provide a perfect combination of power and comfort, making exploring off-road terrains a walk in the park. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings, enjoying the beautiful sights without the strain of constant pedaling.


Understanding all the above-discussed factors is very important if you want to increase the range of your e-bike. Implementing these strategies means you have taken a step towards enhancing your riding experience and, in the process, have done your e-bike a huge favor.

Now, with your improved and extended range, you can commute worry-free, explore trails, or enjoy a leisurely ride as per your desire. For more information and to get yourself an e-bike with a range that leaves your mouth agape, visit HappyRunSports. If you are still thinking “why buy an electric bike?” then read our blogs to have your mind changed!