Is an Off-Road Electric Bike Right for Me?

A man is riding off-road on a HappyRun G60 Pro moped-style electric bike

As technology grows and improves, the bicycling world has done a fantastic job of joining new technology with traditional bicycles! One massive expansion to the world of cycling is the introduction of electric bikes capable of tackling off-road trails.

Just like a traditional bike, electric bikes offer cost savings on fuel, registration and licensing, a great way to exercise as well as a fun way to enjoy nature and now, the ability to climb hills and explore open trails! With all of this in mind, many people find themselves asking, “Do I need an off-road electric bike?” In this article, we will explore this question. 

What are Off-Road Electric Bikes?

So what exactly is an off-road electric bike and how does it work? The most noticeable difference between a traditional bicycle and an electric bike capable of going off-road is the battery, motor, suspension, premium tires and a screen that monitors speed and sometimes battery life. Off-road e-bikes still have pedals, brakes, handlebars, and often very similar frames.

Because of the battery and motor, off-road electric bikes offer riders the ability to climb hills and explore trails with pedal assist. Pedal assist allows the motor to push the bike further with each pedal from the rider. In addition to this, off-road electric bikes offer suspension upgrades and larger tires to make for a more smooth and capable ride. This saves energy and can allow for a much more efficient, and fun ride on whatever trail you choose to tackle! The throttle can also be used to allow the bike to travel without the use of pedals at all.

Off-road capable electric bikes add higher quality suspension, improved brakes and fat tires to allow riders to climb hills, travel over rough terrain, and journey farther all while experiencing less fatigue as they do not have to expend so much energy pedaling alone.

A man is riding off-road on a HappyRun G60 750W electric bike

What is the Cost of an Off-Road E-Bike?

With all of the fun and ease of an e-bike, what is the average off-road electric bike cost? Because electric bikes come with batteries, motors, improved brakes and other enhancements, they can often cost more initially than a traditional bicycle. Off-road electric bikes can cost anywhere from $1,000 to as high as $8,000! Most e-bike owners wanting to use their bike off-road will spend somewhere between $1,000 to $2,000 on their chosen bike. The overall quality of the electric bicycle you choose will also determine cost. It is important to determine what you want to achieve from your e-bike and set a budget. Many companies offer a range of e-bikes to meet various rider’s needs. HappyRun, for example, offers e-bikes for kids, city e-bikes, all terrain e-bikes and their fastest e-bike, the G100 with prices ranging from $350 to $1700 to fit any budget.

The cost associated with an e-bike covers a quality motor, battery, screen, brakes, gears, tires, frame and much more! Many electric bicycles will also come with accessories and added technology to improve the longevity and handling of the bike on the road. 

Sale Off
Happyrun Tank G60 Pro 1000W Moped Style Offroad Electric Bike Fat Tire

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Common Reasons to Purchase an Off-Road E-Bike

Money Saving

With fuel costs on the rise, the ability to avoid filling your vehicle with gas will inevitably save money. In addition, you will save on costly oil changes and other costs associated with maintaining larger off-road vehicles like dirt bikes or four wheelers. While some maintenance may be necessary on an electric bicycle, the cost is much less than that of a car or truck. 

Health and Wellness

Even with the assistance of a motor, pedaling an electric bike is still exercise! With a heavier frame, and the weight of the added components, pedaling an e-bike requires some work! As you ride, you will be exercising your legs, heart, lungs and mind. The benefit of exercising outdoors can not be overstated, and an e-bike is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get a good workout in!

Explore New Terrain

A traditional bicycle can make climbing hills very difficult and can make some trails seem very daunting. With an e-bike, hills become much easier to climb and with pedal assist and a long battery life, adventuring on longer trails becomes possible for everyone- even newer riders! An e-bike allows for you to go further without becoming fatigued, opening up new and exciting things that may have once seemed impossible.

Environment Friendly

Choosing to commute or travel by e-bike is a great way to support your local environment. This environmentally friendly mode of transportation avoids air pollution and fuel emissions, making it a great, and green, way to run errands, get to work, or see the world around you!


An electric bike brings all of the enjoyment of a traditional bicycle to a new world or speed and ability. With the ability to travel further, faster and longer, an e-bike opens up many new paths and may even draw some of your friends and family to the trails with you!

HappyRun G100 2000W fast electric bike for fun

Are E-Bikes Worth It?

Knowing all of the benefits, and the cost of owning an e-bike, are off-road e-bikes worth it? If you want to travel further, explore longer trails and save some of your energy climbing hills, an e-bike is absolutely worth it! With the added cost of saving on costly off-road vehicle repairs and gas, the electric bike offers an amazing way to get outdoors and explore where you may have once believed you could not go. 


In conclusion, when determining whether or not you need an off-road capable e-bike, it is important to consider your uses for the bicycle. If you are wanting to save time and money, tackle longer trails with large hills and make exercise more accessible and fun, you may absolutely need an electric bicycle! The initial investment can be daunting, but quality parts are worth the cost and will lead to an enjoyable and stable ride! Electric bicycles are rising in popularity as they present an affordable and uniquely enjoyable way to get outdoors and become a part of the cycling community!