Modded Your E-bike: Must-Have Accessories for the Perfect E-Bike Experience

The process of selecting an electric bike covers all the factors that a buyer should consider. Related to these needs, however, people can have diverse necessities. Anyway, the bike should have a soft seat and durable frame to ride on, because a good bike can be expensive. It's important to adjust the seat and steering of your e-bike just like we used to do with the car. Whether you are tall or short or slim or a bit overweight, your body shape will make or break your riding time on your moded e-bike. Practicality is another crucial aspect as e-bike has to be able to commute in any type of weather or terrain. Can you carry your kid or do your grocery shopping with it? Can you ride safely at different times of the day? Will it make any difference to you in terms of getting to and from work, is it easy to carry inside the premises and is it safe? Even after you buy your e-bike, you will still have a lot of opportunities features to improve it. Below we suggest a list of e-bike upgrades including easy fixes you can tackle at home and those that deserve some professional assistance.

●   Winter Warm Gloves for E-Bikes

Cold hands have no place to steal your pace! Winter-warm gloves play a quite significant role because they are a basic accessory for e-bike drivers in times of cold. They protect fingers from cold, which is very convenient for the ride and executing your movements without losing grip. Icy fingers become hard and numb with these chilling temperatures; consequently, there is difficulty in steering and applying the brake. Invest in winter warm gloves specifically designed for e-bikes – they'll provide the dexterity you need for smooth gear changes and confident control, all while keeping your hands warm for enjoyable winter rides.

●   Waterproof E-Bike Cover

As strong as ever, the weather has no power to stop your e-bike expeditions. A waterproof E-Bike cover is your best ally when rain, snow, sun, and other elements challenge you while on your ride. It protects your e-bike from rust, fading, dust, and scratches, giving you a chance to ride it without any worry. The bike will look the same, each time you push its pedals. Please cover your bike to safeguard your investment – whatever weather, keep pedaling!

●   Happyrun’s Waterproof Bluetooth E-Bike Speaker

Jam to your tunes safely on every ride with this waterproof Bluetooth e-bike speaker! For your convenience, this compact device, which has a round shape designed for quick mounting and a 10-hour battery life, is our best offer. In addition, the built-in display tracks time and speed, and the waterproof feature protects you from trouble in the rain or at the lake, with no worries during any trip around the world. Take your modded e-bike to the next level with tunes!

●   E-Bike HD Blast-Resistant Mirrors

Enhance your safety and awareness on every ride with e-bike HD blast-resistant mirrors! These mirrors provide a clear, wide view of traffic behind you, allowing you to react faster and change lanes confidently. Upgrading to blast-resistant mirrors adds an extra layer of security, ensuring they hold up against bumps, vibrations, and even minor accidental touches, keeping you focused on the road ahead. Improve your modded e-bike's safety features with high-quality mirrors.

●   Ride Connected: E-Bike Phone Mount Bag

Don't miss a beat on your e-bike rides with a phone mount bag! This handy accessory keeps your phone secure and visible, all within easy reach. The large capacity lets you store essentials like batteries, gloves, and keys, while the headphone hole ensures uninterrupted music. A waterproof zipper and shockproof design shield your belongings from rain and bumps, while the touchscreen-compatible window lets you use your phone for navigation or music control without taking it out. Plus, the sun visor keeps your screen clear for safe and convenient riding. Make your customized electric bike even more functional with a phone mount bag.

●   E-Bike Helmets

Riding helmets for e-bike riders must be provided no matter of circumstances. The e-bikes can achieve a speed almost like that of regular bikes, and the effectiveness of a crash involving a low speed is not different from that of a high-speed crash and can also lead to severe head injuries. Helmets are a life-saving barrier that accepts and contains the impact ultimately protecting the rider's brain in an accident. It's what makes it much different from other rides and e-bikes. it's the simplest and most effective way to protect your head and keep you safe on every ride you enjoy. Why stop with a moded e-bike set-up? Adding safety will take it to the next level.

●   HappyRun E-Bike Headlight

HappyRun eBike headlight is crucial for safe nighttime riding. With a powerful 1800 lumens and wide beam coverage, it illuminates your path and ensures you're seen by others. The IPX6 waterproof rating keeps the light going even in rain, and the durable aluminum build tackles bumps and weather conditions. Invest in a HappyRun headlight for peace of mind – see and be seen on every nighttime e-bike adventure.

●   HappyRun Cable Lock

A HappyRun electric bike password cable lock is an essential line of defense against theft. Thieves often target easy opportunities, and a cable lock offers a visible deterrent. It provides a layer of security for quick stops or low-risk areas, giving you peace of mind knowing your e-bike is less likely to be a target.

●   Purchase a Second Long-Range E-Bike Battery

Get yourself a second e-bike long-range battery so that your adventures last longer in real-world tested scenarios! This will ensure that you have longer ride times irrespective of the battery power because you can add a backup battery that will extend the life of your battery. Wave the 'how far do I go right now?' concern and cruise from distant points with your e-bike for fun. It has the advantage of making your e-bike journey ambitions bigger again and so more adventurous!

●   HappyRun E-Bike Phone Holder

Customize electric bike experience with a HappyRun phone holder! Being a useful accessory, it maintains the phone's peaceful comfort and visibility, so you can use the phone for navigation, safe calls, and while on the move to be entertained. Concentrate on your pedaling and be simultaneously entertained to make the difference the e-riders always wanted.

Tank G60 E-Bike

The HappyRun Tank G60 electric bike tackles tough terrain and daily commutes with ease. Full suspension smooths your ride, while hydraulic disc brakes ensure confident stopping. Fat tires provide stability and traction, and fenders keep you dry. The powerful 1500W motor handles hills and city streets, and the long-range battery offers up to 68 miles on a charge. Buy and install additional e-bike upgrades like headlights, taillights, pannier bags, and a phone mount for an even more convenient and safe commuting experience.

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