Ride Smart, Ride Safe: Off-Road Electric Bike Riding Safety Tips 

Do you know cycling has many advantages like environmental and health? On the contrary, it has some risks. Off road Electric Bikes and cars frequently coexist on open roads with other vehicles crashing even on special lanes. How common are ebike crashes? This danger is reflected in rising fatality statistics. Bicyclist deaths increased by 16% in 2020 alone and a shocking 44% in the last decade (from 873 in 2011 to 1260 in 2020). In 2020, the share of those killed by traffic accidents equaled 806 which was nearly all the deaths throughout the country. Undoubtedly, bicycles have multiple advantages, like being the most environment-friendly way to travel, but be aware of the small things like the traffic rules. Here are the ways cyclists can make a safe ride.

Guide to Safety Ride On Your Best Adult Electric Bike

Safety comes first, particularly with more people using the roads. For cyclists of all skill levels, consider these suggestions.

Before You Ride 

●  Safe cycling starts before you even hit the road. Performing a quick check to ensure your bike is in good working order is crucial for bike safety. This activity includes brake and tire assessment, as well as checking whether all mechanical parts are working correctly. These common bike safety gears are important for bike safety.

●  Sometimes bike riding is quite dangerous and one should put on a helmet that fits them properly to avoid injuries. The safety of the customers is HappyRun's top priority; therefore, if the helmet is more than five years old or used after a crash, we compel our customers to replace it & buy a new one from the HappyRun store.

●  Concentrate on your visibility when driving so it is possible to oversee even when light is low. Make it a point to install light bars, both on the front and back, and to wear clothes that are bright and reflective, so that you appear more easily to motorists and pedestrians.

Bike rules of the road

●   While you're on the road, you should follow the right safety driving rules. The first tip is to abide by every traffic rule, sign, signal, and marking. Drivers that do that understand and respect the traffic regulations. Going in the flow of traffic, instead of against it, ensures that there is no confusion and possible accidents.

●   Cycling safely is primarily being aware while on the roads. Take great caution while riding Happyrun’s e-bike and always be on alert for potholes, debris, or any other potential danger. Furthermore, keep in mind that drivers can open car doors suddenly, especially when passing parked cars.

●   Making other road users aware of your plans is crucial. Adopting the correct hand signals to point your turns and lanes also enhances everyone else in the road the ability to arrive at the correct conclusions on your movements as well as react in real-time accordingly.

●   Regular motions should be followed for a safe ride. Make sure you keep to a straight line and do not deviate from left to right unnecessarily when driving. With such visibility, the other riders and drivers will be able to see your direction of movement and adjust their paths for safety.

●   Riding in a single line is the safest since that allows cars and bikes to be on the same road without the risk of collision. The goal is that there would always be enough room for the vehicles to be able to pass you safely without squeezing you or other cyclists by your side.

●   Distractions can be dangerous while cycling. Avoid using headphones or your phone while riding. This allows you to stay focused on the road and react quickly to any unexpected situations.

●   In the end, paying attention to your speed can also be of great importance, not only in the case of riding an electric bike. HappyRun's best adult electric bikes can provide speeds even more than general bikes. Therefore you must be aware of your surroundings and adjust your speed to minimize risk of situations such as accidents and potential injuries.

Ride Safe, Ride HappyRun: E-bike Helmets for the Adventurous Cyclist

Ride with confidence and peace of mind with a HappyRun E-bike Helmet! Designed for the higher speeds and potential hazards of electric bikes, this helmet offers superior protection with a sturdy, impact-resistant ABS shell. The adjustable vents keep you cool and comfortable on even the hottest rides, while the clear, HD PC-reinforced lens ensures maximum visibility. Plus, the removable and washable inner liner lets you maintain freshness and hygiene. Don't compromise on safety - choose a HappyRun E-bike Helmet for a comfortable and secure electric cycling experience.

Level Up Your Ride with E-Bike Protective Gloves

Don't forget your hands! Upgrade your e-bike with E-BIKE PROTECTIVE GLOVES SCREEN TOUCHABLE. SCREEN TOUCHABLE. These motorcycle gloves provide an unrivaled safety performance for electric bike riders, constructed of abrasion-resistant, cutting-resistant, shock-absorbing, and non-slip materials. The gloves provide all-year-long protection for the hands of every bike rider during any kind of adventure. It ensures you ride confidently at any time night as well as day because the reflective strips are right on the knuckles. The fabric of the glove is breathable so it is comfortable for your hand, you can wick away moisture and sweat inside of the glove with this advantage. The Velcro straps are adjustable and they ensure a perfect fit as well as protect the wrist from injury. Moreover, the fact that the touchscreen-capable fingers let you use a phone without removing your gloves makes a perfect coupling of comfort and safety and is the ultimate advantage.

Unveiling the Powerhouse: HappyRun Tank G100 E-Bike

Unleash the power and freedom of electric biking with the HappyRun Tank G100. This e-bike conquers any terrain with a peak motor of 2000W, tackles hills with 95Nm of torque. Explore farther thanks to the dual battery system offering an impressive 130-mile range in pedal-assist mode. Ride safely and comfortably on smooth roads or rough trails with the full suspension system and wide fat tires. Enjoy the convenience of a keyless NFC unlock system and explore the world in an eco-friendly way with the HappyRun Tank G100.

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