Go Farther, Faster: Reviewing Happyrun’s High-Powered Tank G60 Electric Bike

You love adventure and pushing your limits, but sometimes your body just can’t keep up with your ambition. What if you could go farther, faster and take on more challenging terrain without breaking a sweat? Now you can with the new Tank G60 electric bike from Happyrun. This ebike is built to dominate dirt, sand, snow, and everything in between. With its powerful 1500-watt motor, fat 20-inch tires, and long-range battery, the Tank can take you up to 60 miles through terrain you never thought possible on two wheels. No more excuses – it’s time to go all out and see what you’re really made of. The open road is calling – hop on your Tank and answer the call. Adventure awaits!

Powerful Performance: 1500W Brushless Motor and 48V 18Ah Battery

With a powerful 1500W brushless motor and 48V 18Ah lithium-ion battery, the Tank G60 electric bike packs some serious punch. This high-torque, rear hub motor will get you up to 28 mph in no time, perfect for riding around town or hitting some easy mountain bike trails.

The oversized fat tires provide extra traction so you can ride over sand, snow, and rugged terrain without worrying about flats or losing control. Whether you want to go off-road or stick to pavement, these tires have you covered.

happyrun electric bike

HappyRun Electrice Bike Tank G60

The large capacity battery gives you up to 55 miles of range per charge so you can keep discovering and exploring. When it’s time to recharge, the fast charger refuels the battery in just 4 to 6 hours. With that kind of range and short recharge time, your adventures are nearly endless.

For comfort, the G60 features an adjustable handlebar stem, suspension seat post to smooth out the bumps, and front suspension fork with lockout. Disk brakes on both wheels provide strong stopping power even in wet weather.

An LED headlight and taillight come standard for increased visibility and safety. The LCD display shows your speed, battery level, assist mode, trip distance, and more. With stylish yet rugged looks, the Tank G60 electric bike is ready for any road or trail. Adventure calls – will you answer?

Rugged Yet Comfortable: Aluminum Alloy Frame and Adjustable Suspension

The Tank G60 gets its name from the sturdy yet lightweight aluminum alloy frame. This rugged build provides a stable, balanced ride over uneven terrain while still keeping the bike agile and easy to handle. The front suspension fork absorbs shock and impact, increasing comfort on bumpy trails.

Fat Tires Roll Over Anything

The 20″ × 4″ fat tires provide extra protection against punctures from thorns, glass, and other small materials, making it possible to ride on sandy, snowy, and other complex terrains, turning adventures into worry-free experiences. These ultra-wide tires grip the ground for enhanced stability and control.

fat tire electric bike

HappyRun Fat Tire Electric Bike Tank G60

Power When You Need It

A 1500W high-torque hub motor provides pedal assist up to 28 mph so you can go farther and faster. The integrated 48V 18Ah lithium battery offers a range of up to 50 miles per charge. A rotary throttle gives you motor power on-demand for cruising without pedaling. Seven levels of pedal assist let you choose how much help you want from the motor. An LED display shows your speed, battery level, assist mode, and more.

The Tank G60 electric motorcycle opens up a world of adventure with its rugged yet comfortable design and powerful pedal assist. Conquer dirt, sand, snow, and more – this ebike handles it all with ease. Isn’t it time you went farther and faster? The open road is calling!

Advanced Braking System: Hydraulic Brakes Provide Strong Stopping Power

The Tank G60 comes equipped with hydraulic disk brakes that provide strong stopping power for safe riding. Hydraulic brakes are superior to mechanical rim brakes in many ways. They offer:

  • Powerful braking. Hydraulic brakes provide much more braking force than rim brakes, allowing you to stop quickly even at high speeds or when traveling down hills.

  • All-weather performance. Hydraulic brakes work reliably even in wet, muddy, or snowy conditions. Rim brakes, on the other hand, can be compromised by moisture and grime buildup on the rims.

  • Adjustability. Hydraulic brakes are self-adjusting, automatically compensating for brake pad wear to maintain an ideal distance between the pads and rotors. This means consistent, fade-free braking over the lifetime of the pads.

  • Modulation. Hydraulic brakes offer very precise braking with a high degree of control and modulation. You can feather the brake levers for light braking or squeeze them further to increase the braking force. This gives you complete control over your speed.

The Tank G60’s hydraulic disk brakes feature 180mm front and rear rotors, providing maximum heat dissipation for safe braking even at high speeds. The brakes are controlled by ergonomic brake levers that are easy to reach and actuate.

For the ultimate in safety, the Tank G60 also includes a number of other features:

  • Bright LED headlight to illuminate the road ahead
  • Horn to alert others of your presence
  • Reflectors to make you visible to traffic and pedestrians
  • Dual suspension to smoothly absorb bumps and impacts

HappyRun SUV E-bike with Full Suspension

HappyRun SUV E-bike with Full Suspension

Between the powerful hydraulic disk brakes, suspension, lighting, and other safety features, you’ll feel secure navigating roads and trails on the Tank G60, allowing you to go farther and faster. The advanced braking system gives you confidence in any riding conditions.

Pricing and Availability of the Happyrun Tank G60 Electric Bike

The Happyrun Tank G60 electric bike is now available for purchase on Happyrun’s website for $1,399. This high-powered e-bike provides an affordable yet premium riding experience for cycling enthusiasts and commuters alike.

Extensive Range

The Tank G60 features a powerful 48V 1500W motor and 18Ah lithium-ion battery that provides up to 60-80 miles of range on a single charge in pedal assist mode. This means you can ride all day without worrying about running out of power or needing to stop and recharge. The battery is also easily removable so you can charge it separately for maximum convenience.

The unstoppable Tank G60: Your Electric Steed for Any Terrain!

The unstoppable Tank G60: Your Electric Steed for Any Terrain!

Three Riding Modes

Choose from three riding modes for different needs. Use full throttle mode to cruise without pedaling at speeds up to 28 mph. Switch to pedal assist when you want some light exercise with a boost up to 25 mph. And for a more strenuous workout, use the non-powered mode which provides no motor assistance. The Tank G60 fat tire electric bike gives you the flexibility to customize your riding experience based on your energy level and destination.

Premium Components

High-quality components like the lightweight aluminum alloy frame, zoom hydraulic disk brakes, and 20”x4” fat tires provide a smooth, stable ride over various terrain. The 7-speed gear shifter also makes it easy to change speeds and handle different inclines during your ride. An LED display lets you monitor essential info like your speed, battery level, and riding mode.

Warranty and Support

All Happyrun electric bikes come with a 1-year comprehensive warranty and and 2-year battery and motor warranty. If you have any issues with your bike, just contact the Happyrun support team for quick troubleshooting and repair. They stand behind the quality and performance of all their e-bikes.

The Tank G60 delivers power, comfort, and versatility for any cycling adventure. At under $1,500, this high-performance electric bike for adults provides exceptional value that can’t be beat. Order yours today on Happyrun’s website to experience the thrill of their most powerful e-bike yet. The open road awaits!


So there you have it, the latest and greatest electric bike from Happyrun that’s ready to take your cycling adventures to thrilling new heights. With its powerful motor, long-range battery, fat tires, and high-performance specs, the Tank G60 is built to go farther and faster while handling any terrain you throw at it. What are you waiting for? Adventure calls – hop on your new Happyrun Tank G60 and start exploring the open road. The possibilities are endless.

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