Safety Essentials: Riding Tips for New Electric Bike Owners

Electric bikes for commuting are rapidly taking over the world. Thanks to their innovative design, high-quality performance, and powerful motor, multiple users are running to local stores to get their first electric bike.

We want you to enjoy your new electric mountain bike as much as possible, therefore we assembled this article with safety essentials you must know as a new owner.

Keep on reading to learn how to take care of your adult electric motorcycle and yourself on the streets and difficult terrain. We’ll cover key aspects such as safety accessories, clothing, riding techniques, and more.

Choose An Appropriate Adult Electric Motorcycle

Before talking about e-bike safety essentials, it is important to understand why you need to choose an appropriate electric power commuter bike.

New electric bikes are perfect for a wide variety of terrains, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll feel 100% comfortable at first. For example, some electric bikes for commuting have a hard time in mountain hills, which can increase danger.

Before you purchase your ebike, make sure to understand in which conditions you can use it. This has to do with the techniques you might need to use on each terrain, and not entirely about the bike’s composition.

If you’re looking for quality adult electric motorcycles, we highly recommend you check out our wide selection of models and accessories that will help you ride safely.

Now that we’ve made this clear, let’s begin with this e-bike safety guide!

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Know Your Ebike

Before you hit the road, it's essential to familiarize yourself with your ebike. These bikes come in various models and styles, each with different features and settings.

Start by reading the user manual. Understand the display and controls, and ensure the battery is properly charged. Knowing your road bike inside and out is the first step towards confident riding.

Safety First

Safety should always be your top priority. Equip yourself with a certified helmet, gloves, and other protective gear. Ensure your bike is equipped with front and rear lights for visibility. Learning the rules of the road and local cycling regulations is also crucial for safe riding.

Braking Techniques

Mastering the art of braking is key to safe ebike riding. Most ebikes come with both front and rear brakes.

To avoid skidding, apply both brakes evenly. Gradually squeeze the brakes rather than jamming them suddenly. Practice braking in an empty parking lot to get a feel for it.

In low-traction conditions, it is recommended that you apply the rear brake before using the front brake. 

Bonus Question: How Do Hydraulic Disc Brakes Work On A Bike?

Since your ebike has two brakes, one for the front wheel and the other one for the rear wheel, they are controlled by different levers. When pressing the levers, the disc brakes will start to slow down the bike by applying pressure on the wheel.

It’s important to mention that when you get a new bike, the brakes will go under a “bedding-in” period and will wear down after the first 40-50 full stops. The brakes will reach 100% grip capacity after this period.

How Do Hydraulic Disc Brakes Work On A Bike

Hydraulic Disc Brakes Work On A Bike

Gearing Up

Understanding your ebike's gears is essential for maintaining a smooth ride. Lower gears are for uphill climbs and slow speeds, while higher gears are for faster, flat terrain. Use the right gear to maintain a comfortable pedaling cadence, which is generally around 60-80 revolutions per minute.

As a beginner, spend some time trying out the different gears to find a comfortable stop. This way you’ll also practice shifting the gears seamlessly and easily.

Bonus Question: Where Are The Gears On An Electric Bike?

Ebikes have their speed shifters on the handlebar, and it looks similar to a small bicycle ring bell. You shift the gears by changing the position of a shift lever (called a shifter)

Change the gears only when the pedals are moving forward!

Adjusting the Seat & Handlebar

Proper ergonomics are crucial for a comfortable ride and to prevent strains or injuries. Adjust your seat height so your legs are almost fully extended at the bottom of your pedal stroke.

Your handlebars should be at a height that allows a slight bend in your elbows. This ensures a balanced and efficient riding position.

Battery & Chain Management

Understanding your ebike's battery is vital for a hassle-free ride. Keep an eye on the battery indicator, and plan your trips to ensure you have enough power to return safely. Recharge the battery when it's low to avoid being stranded without assistance.

ebike chain

HappyRun SUV E-bikes with Chain Drive

Bonus Question: How To Ride A Bike Without Wearing Out The Chain And Sprocket?

To prevent your ebike chain from wearing down, it is advisable that you keep it lubricated and conduct a condition check after a few rides.

Ensure that your chain is correctly tensioned, not too loose or too tight, as this can strain the sprocket. When riding, avoid excessive force on the pedals, especially when shifting gears. Smooth, consistent pedaling will reduce stress on the chain and sprocket.

Learn About Pedal Assistance

Ebike pedal assistance levels can vary from minimal to significant. Familiarize yourself with these settings to adapt to different riding conditions. Start with lower assistance levels to conserve battery, and increase it when you need an extra boost, like when climbing hills or facing strong headwinds.

You can enjoy pedal and throttle assistance when the power button is turned ON.

Final Words

Ebike riding is an enjoyable and eco-friendly way to explore your surroundings, commute, or get some exercise. To fully enjoy the experience and stay safe on the road, remember to know your ebike, prioritize safety, master braking and gearing, adjust your seat and handlebar, practice balance, manage your battery, learn about pedal assistance, and observe traffic rules.

With these tips, you'll soon be confidently navigating the world of ebike riding. So, hop on your ebike, and let the journey begin!

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