Effortless Security: Exploring NFC and Smartphone Connectivity on the Happyrun Tank G100

When you get where you're going and are ready to ride your e-bike, do you ever find that your keys are gone? It can ruin an e-bike trip to have to fiddle with a big ring or feel terrible when you realize you left your keys at home. The Happyrun G100 ebike offers a solution – a keyless unlocking system that utilizes your smartphone! This article will guide you through the entire process, from understanding the difference between NFC and key unlocking to connecting your G100 with your smartphone and using the NFC card (as a backup). We'll even cover some precautions to keep your ebike secure. So, ditch the key worries and unlock a smoother, more convenient ebike experience!

NFC Unlock vs. Key Lock Unlock?: Unlock Your Ebike with a Tap

(Thanks to NFC!)

Due to the ease with which a key-lock ignition can be picked, an NFC lock on an electric bike is preferable for security. Also, with an ignition that is either button- or press-type, your e-bike is easy for anyone—even children—to access and operate. Forget key fumbles! Ebike security gets a high-tech upgrade with NFC unlocking. With this secure system, you can get into your car without carrying around a big keychain. All you have to do is tap your phone on the door handle. Your phone is probably always with you, unlike keys, which can get lost or broken. Plus, NFC uses secure data transfer to give you even more peace of mind. While some phones might lack NFC, it's becoming increasingly common, and many NFC e-bikes even include a backup key for ultimate convenience. So ditch the key hassle and unlock a smoother, more secure ride with NFC!

Unlock the Future: A Guide to Using the NFC Card with Your Happyrun G100 Ebike

Here's a simpler way to understand how to use the NFC card feature on your instrument:

Unlocking solely with the NFC card:

1.When the e-bike is switched off, press the "S" button for 1 second, the buzzer will ring once, indicating that the G100 e-bike has been switched on.

2.Swipe your NFC card like a key. If it beeps, you're in!

* If NFC does not work, it is possible that the NFC function has been turned off by mistake, in this case press the power button 5 times quickly to activate the NFC function.

Using your phone as an NFC card:

1.Download the SmarGoo app and connect it to your instrument.

2.Press the “S” button on the G100 electric bike once time to turn on your instrument.

3.Quickly press the “S” button 9 times until it sees the card on your instrument.

4.Hold your NFC card near the designated spot on the instrument.

5.If it beeps, it works! You can now see the card info in the app (and a maximum of 5 cards can be added).

Deleting an NFC card:

1.Make sure your phone and instrument are connected in the app.

2.Go to the NFC function in the app.

3.Swipe left on the card you want to delete and tap "delete."

Warning: Keep your NFC card safe! If someone copies it, they can unlock your G100 e-bike too.

Connecting Your Happyrun G100 Ebike to Your Smartphone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Get the SmarGoo App!


●   Search for "SmarGoo" on the Apple App Store (iPhones) or Google Play Store (Android phones).

Important Note:

●  Only one phone can connect to your G100 E-bike at a time.

What the App Does:

●  Unlock your G100 electric bike

●  Turn headlights on/off

●  See how far you've ridden (one trip or total)

●  See how long your ride lasted

●  Track your ride history

●  Switch between miles and kilometers

●  Set cruise control (maintain a steady speed)

●  See where your instrument is parked (GPS)

●  Check your instrument's health

●  Get directions with maps

●  Use your phone as a key with NFC (if your phone has NFC)

Bonus Tip: If you want to connect a different phone, press the power button on your instrument 10 times quickly to disconnect the current phone.

Keeping Your Ride Secure: Precautions for Using an NFC Card with Your Ebike

Here are some key precautions to remember when using an NFC card with your ebike:

●   Security: Keep your NFC card safe! Treat it like a key. If someone gets a hold of it and it can be copied (depending on the card type), they could potentially unlock and steal your ebike.

   Limit Cards: The system typically allows a limited number of cards (around 5) to be stored on the ebike at once. Be mindful of how many cards you add and remove.

●   App Connection: Most functionalities, including managing NFC cards, require the SmarGoo app to be connected to your phone and ebike. Ensure a stable connection for smooth


●   Single Phone Connection: Only one phone can be connected to your ebike at a time. If you want to switch phones, you'll need to unbind the current connection using the power button on the ebike.

By following these simple precautions, you can ensure a secure and convenient experience using NFC cards with your ebike.

Final Words

No more digging for keys! The Happyrun G100 ebike offers a keyless solution with NFC and smartphone connectivity. This article explained the benefits of NFC unlocking, how to use the NFC card and connect your phone with the SmarGoo app, and important security precautions. With a tap of your phone or swipe of your NFC card, you'll be ready to hit the road on your Happyrun G100 in no time!

Important Note: While the NFC card offers convenience, it's irreplaceable. If you lose your NFC card, the entire dashboard (display panel) will need to be replaced to regain functionality. To prevent this costly inconvenience, consider treating your NFC card like a key and keeping it in a safe place.

So ditch the key hassle and unlock a smoother, more secure ride with NFC, but remember, keep your card safe!

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