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Master all terrain with our off-road adult electric bike

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Top Speed

48V 18AH

68+ Miles Long Range

Hydraulic brake

200-500ms Stop

Aluminum frame

Max Load 265LB

Tank G60
Off Road Steed

Conquer all terrain with our 20'’ fat tire electric bike. Whether it's rugged mountain trails or sandy beaches, this uniquely designed electric bike empowers you to navigate with ease. The robust fat tires ensure exceptional traction, leaving your mark in the wilderness. 

Engineered for Off-Road Adventures

Tank G60 electric bike, equipped with a robust 750W motor, conquers any terrain with ease. The 20'' fat tires provide unparalleled traction, navigating through diverse landscapes effortlessly. The lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame ensures durability without compromising agility.

Engage the hydraulic brake system for swift and reliable stopping power, offering a level of control that matches your adventurous spirit. With a full suspension system smoothing out the bumps, every ride becomes a thrilling and comfortable exploration.

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Break Free | Thrill On

Embark on off-road adventures with Tank G60 e-bike. The advanced shock absorption not only ensures a comfortable riding experience but also extends the lifespan of your e-bike. 

What is fat tire bicycle

A fat tire bicycle is a type of bike equipped with big tires. These bikes are designed to handle all challenging terrains, including snow, sand, mud, and rough trails.

Built with a 20'' fat tire design, expanding the contact area with the ground, the Tank G60 guarantees heightened stability on all terrains. Its fat tires, fortified with an internal steel wire mesh protection layer, act as a formidable armor, transforming the bike into a true beast on the ride.

48V Long-Range 

E-bike Lithium Battery

Introducing the HappyRun Tank G60 Fat Tire E-bike, fueled by a cutting-edge 48V 18AH lithium-ion battery for extended longevity and outstanding performance. Achieve a remarkable range of 68+ miles in pedal assist mode on a single charge.

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