Happyrun Tank G60 Electric Motorbike Review: An Excellent Choice For All Terrains

  Review by Will Zhu


Happyrun G60 Electric Motorbike

The Happyrun Tank G60 Electric Motorbike is sort of an enhanced version of G50, since it has the same specs on the electronic parts, but strengthened the overall structure, the suspension, and the brake system. This will clearly give this motorbike better capability of conquering rough road terrain, and better stability while riding it. Let’s get into some insights in this detailed review.

The time spent on the assembly can be very short, as the major structure has been put together within the factory, and all the parts are well-padded in the package, and then shipped out to the customers. So all we need to put together are: 1. The front tire 2. The light 3. The handlebars 4. The pedals. There is a dedicated video from Happyrun on how to do that, anyone who does not trust themselves on assembly troublesome appliances can follow the instructions in that video. The tricky part is how to put the front tire on, unlike what Happyrun has just shown, we flip the bike over, the handlebar can help maintain good balance, and it will make the process fairly easier. After these jobs are done, we can take it out for a spin.

Design and Structure


happyrun ebike review

The Happyrun Tank G60 is designed in a mountain bike style, the overall shape reminds me of a dirt motorcycle, and perhaps that is the reason why there is a “Motorbike” in its name. The color schemes are a combo of black and brown, if you like complicated bike trails, it can easily blend into the wild outdoor fields. In the city, this bike really stands out from those electric bicycles, since it’s not like any of them.


happyrun ebike

To support the off-roading experience, the frame is much sturdier than the G50, and the slight decline on the seat makes you postured forward, so you will always be ready for climbing some hills or going over bumps and curbs. However, like some other moped-style motorbikes, the seat height is not adjustable. Take me as an example, I am 5'7''/175cm, and I can have my feet landing on the ground at all times, but if you are shorter, you might need to take this into consideration. The seat is about 23.6inches/60cm long, so basically it can carry two adults, but it might put part of the passenger’s weight on the rider, due to the decline of the seat.


Thanks to the headlight and taillight, it is very convenient to ride it in the city or on outdoor trails at night. The front light is always on, it meets the local laws in many countries very well. And there are lights embedded in the taillight for left and right turns, it flashes when you press the dedicated buttons on the left side of the handlebar. I feel very safe on night rides.


This bike is equipped with a large LCD panel, and it can display the current speed, the pedal assist mode, battery level, and current mileage. It is bright and the font is bold, you can see everything even in the strong sunlight. When the bike is powered up, it will show you the current battery level and the total distance from previous rides, but once the bike is running, it will show the mileage for the current ride.



On the left side of the handlebar, there are four buttons: the headlight, left and right turn, and the horn, and there is a small screen to show the battery Voltage. All the buttons are designed in a simple way, you press once, the function will be activated, you press again, it will be off. The horn has a decent volume of sound, people can definitely hear you coming. On the right, there are the throttle, pedal assist lever, and gear shifter, they are all very reachable to your fingers. And the responses are very intuitive.

The Happyrun Tank G60 packs a removable and lockable battery, With a capacity of 48V 18Ah and 864Wh. That’s a convenient setup for portable recharging the separated battery without moving the bike. The charging time for the battery is fine, ranging from 5 to 6 hours. The battery pack is located in the middle of the bike’s frame.


The Happyrun Tank G60 is a class 3 e-bike that has a top speed of 28mph/45kmh. Featuring a moped-style design, powerful 750W motor( 1500W peak output), it can conquer any terrain you want, like daily city roads, urban areas, or even outdoor muddy roads.

Riding Experience

happyrun ebike review 2023

The tester is 5’7’’/152lbs, We rode this bike on the city road mostly, and it performed like a charm. The acceleration is smooth, and the pedal assist works really well with the throttle, whenever I want to accelerate, it can pick up the pace very quickly and steadily. The brakes performed well also, with the authentic hydraulic disc brakes, it’s just like a normal bike. However, there aren’t many outdoor adventurous roads in the city where we live, so we couldn’t test its true limit. The real result we got from the testing was, with the pedal assist and throttle, we achieved 53 miles. Although it’s a bit less than the official claims, that still covers a whole week’s commute.

Suspension and Tires

About some other experiences like the suspension and tires, it is also very good. The suspension under the seat is in the middle class, not too soft or too hard. There was one random person who pointed out that. There might be a way to adjust the suspension by changing the position of the bolt here, then it will create a softer suspension and will make the height of the seat a bit lower. If you want to try that, you can talk to Happyrun about it. The tires are definitely wider and softer than some bike tires out there, and the contact patch can be adjusted by inflating or deflating them a little bit. We tested them on the city road, the traction is excellent. But it lost a bit of traction on the wet road, then it’s back to normal when we deflated them a little.


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One thing we still want to point out is that, although there isn’t any detail about IPX waterproof level given out by Happyrun, there isn’t any problem after the bike sitting in the rain for an hour, so we assume this bike still has decent waterproof capability. But it is still not suggestible to ride it in the rain.


So to sum up our experience with this Happyrun Tank G60 motorbike, it is a really good choice in terms of riding on different roads, it will provide a very good riding feel in both daily commutes and some off-roading. The powerful motor, dual suspension, and some other excellent features. You will find a comfortable and versatile experience with this bike!

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