G50 ebike tire
G60 ebike Tire

HappyRun Outer Tire For G50 G60 E-Bike

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* The Tank G60 e-bike tires are constructed with a robust composite of nylon and rubber. They include a built-in wire mesh ply and a 3mm thicker, puncture-resistant ply, ensuring durability and resilience in any road condition.

  1. E-bike fat tires are designed for all terrains, including mountains, snow, and sand, offering unparalleled versatility.
  2. The e-bike tires feature a strategically ordered small aperture tread pattern, which reduces the rolling resistance, ensuring safer rides. With superior traction design, they provide stability and safety even on slippery sidewalks or uneven trails.
  3. Utilizing motorcycle tire technology, e-bike tires are crafted from high-density rubber. The amplified thickness and tread mass substantially increase the load-bearing capacity of the tires. Notably, the maximum load that these e-bike fat tires can hold is up to 120 kg (265 lbs).

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