long range electric bike Tank G50

Fat tires eBike 48V Battery for Endless Adventures

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All-terrain electric bicycle

1500W- Rated 750 watt ebike

From the bustling streets to rugged mountain trails and sun-kissed beaches, Tank G50 electric bikes redefine the ride - embracing the urban pulse, conquering the peaks, and cruising the coastline with effortless style.

48V e-bike battery 

Thanks to the 48V ebike battery, Tank G50 long range electric bike lets you ride from 30 to over 68 miles on a single charge.

Fat Tire electric bike

TankG50's big tires turn it into a mountain ebike, a electric city bike, and an electric beach cruiser. Unleash the thrill for the young and bold!

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Equipped with a 1500W (rated 750W) motor, stands out as the ultimate value off-road electric bike at HappyRun eBike Store.

Long Distance ebike

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Electric sTEED

HappyRun ebike store's cheap e-bike, featuring 20'' fat tires, ensures a secure ride on city streets and off-road mountain adventures. The fat tires add stability, excellent traction, and adaptability to diverse terrains, making it a top choice for any game.


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Unleash the power of Tank G50, the new mountain e-bike with a 1500W peak, 750W rated motor. Easily switch between Class 1, 2, and 3 modes, with 7-speed flexibility.


With a robust 48V 18AH battery, Tank G50 charges up in just 5-6 hours, propelling you on an long-distance ebike adventure of 30 to over 68 miless. The removable battery adds bold, ensuring you're always ready for outdoor adventures without worrying about running out of juice.