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Happyrun Pulse 11 Kids Electric Motorcycle

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Years of Age
5~12 Kids
Maximum weight capacity: 155 lbs.
3 Speed Modes
Class 1: 5 MPH
Class 2: 7 MPH
Class 3: 10 MPH
Geared Hub Motor
Lithium 21.6V 6Ah
 10+ Miles Range 

Kids' First Choice Motorcycle!

Every child dreams of owning their ideal mini electric motorcycle, and Happyrun Pulse 11 is definitely the right choice! Pulse 11 will accompany children through a healthier, happier childhood, providing immersive, thrilling experiences that foster a love for cycling and cultivate their independent exploration and adventurous spirit!

Immersive Kids' Motorcycle Ride!

Cool appearance design, engine simulated sound, RGB lighting effects, Bluetooth music system, these features bring more fun to kids' riding experience, making it an irresistible kid's motorcycle that provides immersive riding joy.

Vibrant RGB Lighting and Audio System
The Pulse 11 Kids Electric Motorcycle features authentic engine sounds, a dazzling RGB lighting system, and a simulated exhaust pipe. Immerse your child in a whole new world of riding adventure, sparking their imagination and adding excitement. Let them experience the thrill of riding to the fullest!
Enjoy the Ride with Bluetooth Music
The Pulse 11 Kids Electric Motorcycle has Bluetooth music playback functionality and built-in speakers, providing children with an unparalleled music experience! Kids can enjoy high-quality music indoors or outdoors at their leisure, adding even more fun to every ride.
Radiant Appearance, Robust Structure
The frame and fork of the Pulse 11 Kids Electric Motorcycle are coated in electroplated silver, giving it a radiant appearance that children will love! At the same time, they are also very sturdy and durable, ensuring the safety of children. The scientifically curved seat provides a more comfortable riding experience for children!

Electric Bike Designed for Kids

This is a motorcycle specifically designed for children aged 5-12. It's stable, safe, and provides peace of mind for parents while their kids ride. The Pulse 11 is not just an electric bike, it's a fun toy accompanying children through their joyful childhood. It invites kids to embrace a healthier, freer, more energetic, and exploratory lifestyle.

Want The Whole Place Visible?

3 Speeds to Choose From

Pulse 11 electric kids motorcycle has three-speed options: 5mph, 7mph, and 10mph, allowing children to choose according to their preferences and the environment. With a top speed of 10mph, they can experience the fun and excitement of speed while adventuring, enjoying the endless possibilities of exploring the world.

Secure Your Home At Any Time

180W Hub Motor

Mini electric motorcycle Pulse 11 features a 180W hub motor, providing stable and reliable power output to ensure children enjoy a smooth and safe riding experience. Whether in the backyard at home or on outdoor adventures, children can grow up healthy and explore new joys and challenges with the companionship of this motorcycle!

Catch them in the act

large capacity Battery

This motorcycle comes with a 21.6V 6Ah lithium battery, providing your little adventurer with long-lasting fun. No need to frequently replace batteries, giving you peace of mind and allowing children more time for endless exploration and play.

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Pulse 11

Battery Type

Lithium 21.6V 6Ah


24V 180W
Speed Mode
Maximum Speed
Maximum Range

11+ Miles

Charging Time



DC 25.8V 1.5A



Instrument Panel

LED Display




Product Dimensions
Net Weight
16.1 KG
Maximum Load  
65 KG
Tire Size
12 inches * 3.0
Applicable Age
5~12 years old

What's in the Box

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the recommended age/weight for this e-bike?
The Happyrun Pulse kids' motorcycle is recommended for riders aged 5-12 years and has a maximum weight capacity of 155 lbs.
Any assembly required?
Yes, some assembly is required. The handlebars, front wheel, kickstand, and pedals need to be installed. Adult assistance is needed for assembling and adjusting the product for children.
I've got a technical problem, who do I contact?
Email us on support@happyrunsports.com, our professional technical support team will reply you within 36 hours. (Delays may occur on weekends and holidays)
How can I track my order?
You can login to your account to track your order and get updates. You can also check out from Track My Order