City SUV Electric Bike

Tank G100 electric bike

Fat tire electric bikes are the ticket to a zero-emissions journey

Dual Batteries

Powering your journey? The HappyRun G100 electric bike for adults makes it effortless with its dual batteries. Achieve 130+ miles of range, unlocking new paths and distances with G100 electric motorcycles.

Dual batterie ebike happyrun

Full suspension

Pioneering the electric shift, HappyRun is dedicated to sculpting the best electric bikes. Our full-suspension bikes encapsulate innovative technology for seamless terrain navigation. A salute to craftsmanship and innovation.

Breaking Molds

At HappyRun, passion fuels our mission to redefine norms. Our e-bikes for sale aren't just vehicles, they're catalysts for change. Up to 38 mph, 130+ miles.